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    All natural. Since 1981. The original gourmet pretzels that melts in your mouth. If you're already familiar with the original gourmet pretzel, we are sure you'll agree they're unlike any pretzel you've ever eaten. American Gourmet's pretzels are cooked in a special process to produce a taste that no other pretzel has. So unique a process that it was patented. We keep a tight security in our process area to make sure that no one can duplicate the process. American Gourmet as owned the business since 1981 and has been continuously upgrading the process and marketing concepts. In 1985 we introduced popcorn products to our list of gourmet snacks. We make white cheddar cheese popcorn and gourmet caramel corn. We guarantee you will love the original butter mini twist pretzel that melts in your mouth. We constantly receive numerous compliments and inquiries as to where our delicious pretzels can be purchased. Market research has proven that American Gourmet pretzels and popcorn products sell very well in specialty food a and gourmet sections, as well as, gift shops, party stores, and gift basket companies. Product of the USA.






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