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    Apple & Eve® No Sugar Added Fruit Punch 100% Juice. Calcium fortified. 100% vitamin C. Daily value per serving. Flavored blend of 4 juices from concentrate with other added ingredients. 8 pack - 8-6.75 fl oz (200 ml) Juice boxes. Be pure. Be fruitful®. For over 30 years apple & eve has nurtured a pretty simple idea: to craft great tasting, healthy, 100% pure juice blends. From day one we decided we'd be the company that let juice be juice - all natural, no sugar added, nothing artificial - a big promise back then, and a promise we've have been proud to keep ever since. For over three generations, families have enjoyed our signature juice blends, each one created with honesty, integrity and a whole lotta' love. Pure 100% juice is what we're all about. You know it when you taste it, when every sip says, "This is the juice, the whole juice and nothin' but the juice." Apple & Eve. Fruit smarts! 100% juice. We mix together the best tasting fruits you need every day. Calcium! You gotta have it for strong teeth and bones. So smile! This juice is calcium fortified. 100% vitamin C! You need to fight off germs! Vitamin C helps to keep your body healthy. No sugar added! Apple & Eve juice gets its terrific taste from the fruit, that's it! How sweet is that We'd love to hear from you... 1-800-969-8018, We'd love to hear from you. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with this product, and welcome your comments and suggestions. When writing, please include the code number found on top of box or call us weekdays 9am-4pm EST 1.800.969.8018 and visit us at Our pledge: this product contains only 100% juice with no sugar, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives added. *Naturally occurring from fruit juice. ©Apple & Eve LLC. All rights reserved 2010.






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