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    7 oz


    Win Schuler's Party Mix will get any party started! This savory jumble of pretzel rings, tangy breadsticks, garlic bread chips, dark rye chips and Win Schuler's Snack Chips brings a crunchfest of flavor to every occasion. Always keep Win Schuler's Party Mix on hand because you never know when your next party is going to start. For more flavor than a chip, and more fun than a cracker, grab a box (or more!) of the best, Win Schuler's Snack Chips. Parties: Fill any tray or bowl with Win Schuler's Party Mix and watch the guests gobble 'em up! Afternoon Snack: Bring out a box of bold, zesty Win Schuler's Party Mix for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Late Night Munchies: The perfect crunch alternative to mundane microwave popcorn. Win Schuler's Party Mix gives you something to crunch about, even at midnight! Go Nuts: For added pizzazz, mix in honey roasted peanuts or favorite nuts to Win Schuler's Party Mix for extra tasty flavor and crunchability.






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