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    Progresso Good Natured Soup Hearty Corn. And chipotle chowder. Vegan. No preservatives from artificial sources. Net Wt 17 oz (1 lb 1 oz) 481 g. Soup so delicious. It's made with the simple ingredients as our favorite homemade corn chowder recipe. Corn, red bell peppers, onions, sweet green peppers, and ground beans make our soup rich and hearty. We prepare each of our delicious soups with only non-GMO ingredients - no artificial flavors or preservatives here! We believe nature makes it best, so we're just trying to not mess it up. It's just good natured. Non GMO*. No colors from artificial sources. No artificial flavors. No MSG added. Except that naturally occurring in tomato extract. *Not made with genetically engineered ingredients. Real, Quality ingredients. Tetra pack®, Protects what's good. Tetra recart®. Questions, Comments Save can and Call 1-800-200-9377 Weekdays 7:30 am to 5:30 pm CT. Visit our website at © General Mills.






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